Welcome to The Ark at Steiner Kindergarten

The Ark at Steiner Academy Exeter has a Kindergarten for 3 and 4 year olds. Our room is at the end of the Kindergarten block nearest to the school car park.

About Us

The Kindergarten runs during term time (38 weeks a year) Monday to Thursday 9.15am to 2.15pm. We have 4 staff. Annie Bowdler, Monica Gonzalez (level 5 Early Years Teacher), Abigail Grant (level 2 qualified and level 3 apprentice) and Jemma Baxter.

The day follows a Steiner Waldorf Early Years rhythm and curriculum with chopping of vegetables and fruit, painting with watercolours, hand crafts and play with toys made with natural materials. The children are held in a steady and sure rhythm through each day so that they have periods of being busy and times of resting. The art of story telling without books is practiced and the childrens’ imaginations are developed through lots of open ended materials to play with. A sense of connection with the seasons is encouraged through cooking and eating with seasonal foods as well as playing outside everyday (a hat, waterproof trousers and a coat are essential!). Different grains are used in the cooking each day (Barley on Tuesdays, Wednesday is Millet and Rye on Thursdays).

Children will learn songs for each season and the same story will be used several times so that it becomes very familiar, like a good bedtime story. Props are used to tell the story once children become familiar with it and they then may move on to using those props in their free play as they re tell the story or develop one of their own.


Fees and Funding

We accept Early Years Entitlement funding. If you are using your entitlement elsewhere you can pay the fees directly to us. Fees over and above those covered by Early Years Entitlement (or Extended Entitlement) will be charged at £6/ hour. Lunches will be charged at £2.20.

Fees from 14th April 2020

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The Ark at Steiner
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Tel: 01392 425551